Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Beat that Bitch- Saudi Men Love Domestic Violence

We are back for some more Saudi action. Saudi government recently released a video showing a "therapist" named Al-Saqaby teaching Saudi men how to properly beat their wives. His justification is that sometimes women can be stubborn and want things like equality or basic human rights like dignity.  But that is wrong of them to ask since they are third class citizens who are nothing more then cleaning ladies and a bunch of cum dumpsters.

Saudi government needs a good kick in the ass! Al-Saqaby has the word Saq in it which in English translates to Suck or someone who sucks monkey balls. In this day and age to treat women who make up 51% of the worlds population as third class citizens is not only Un-Islamic but inhumane to no end. Shame on the Saudi government and Al-Saqaby who under the guise of Islam use their power to control women and treat them like animals. I've always said this and I will continue to say it....Fuck the Saudi Government for all the human rights violations they conduct each year that go unpunished. Our president chooses to do business with these dirt bags for oil...and for that shame on us too. We speak of being the leaders of the free world, yet we support this level of inhumanity for oil and money.

As long as Saudi continues to remain in power, that's how long it will take the Muslim world in general to curtail terrorism and crimes against women in Muslim countries. Saudi women need to stop fucking their men...but that won't make much of a difference since they will just go on to bang their male friends...because to them every hole is a goal.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Hair removal commercials are like porn in Pakistan!

                                                                                                                          By Mr. Freedom

It’s nothing to be ashamed of and there is no point in switching channels when a hair removing cream commercial is aired while being surrounded by family members.  You don’t even have to leave the room...if you're in the west that is.  However things are a little different in Pakistan since the only thing that excites Pakistanis are the sensual legs of the actress (Katrina Kaif) in a Veet commercial.  She moves in that oh so sexy way that leaves her opposite gender gasping for air as they pant in front of their family members. And no they won't leave the room..this is the closest thing to porn on television. 

For some folks in Pakistan there is nothing strange or unusual in showing and/or seeing naked female body parts, but while for the vast majority this commercial is right up there with the Playboy channel.  One would say that this in accordance with freedom of expression and it absolutely is! However, Pakistan has a little while to go before family gatherings need to be dispersed because daddy got a boner watching Katrina Kaif shaving her legs on TV.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Middle East needs cars NOT freedom or education! Duh..

By Alison Royer

As usual, everyone’s priorities are totally in line:
German luxury car maker Audi plans to double its Middle East sales to at least 20,000 vehicles a year by 2020, helped by investment in showrooms and service centers, its local chief said.
Good for you Audi!  If there’s one thing we need to focus on in the Middle East, it’s getting everyone seated in a luxury automobile.  Education?  Boresville.  Freedom of religion?  Snooze-city.  Political tyranny?  Asleep o’clock.  CHECK OUT THIS NEW CAR WE’RE SELLING!
Dubai is growing quite rapidly so that will create a lot more opportunities for us to sell. There is a lot of wealthy people living in Dubai right now,” Hill said.
Let’s all capitalize on human trafficking and laundered money!
Audi, which has suspended operations in civil war-torn Syria, did not see sales being hit in neighboring Lebanon, and in Jordan, which has also seen social unrest.

Oh c’mon Audi.  Don’t back down now!  Those assholes are gonna need getaway cars right?  You should be represented in all war-torn countries.  Do better Audi!  Maybe you should bring back the 
Sudden Unintended Acceleration Mobiles?  There’s nothing more luxurious than that. 

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The Anti-Gay Muslim Patrol!

                                                                                                 By Romulus Marshall

For real... in East London, some blocks of the city are home to a group that calls itself “Muslim Patrol” who also ran a now defunct YouTube page chronicling its misadventures as its members harass individuals they deem to be homosexual, provocatively dressed, or drinking alcohol.   The most recent event was a vicious beating put on a man that was believed to be gay. 

Seriously guys - you can’t find anything better to do with your time then walk the streets looking for gay people in East London???  You can’t have it both ways - you can’t complain if people hate Islam and then go out and beat gays and drunks because you are TOTALLY misrepresenting it for the rest of us. 

I mean hey, I get it, you don’t like gays - but do what everyone else does when they don’t like gay people - get your hands on some porn!!!  Unlike in Pakistan, that shit ain’t banned in the UK (just go to ANY phone booth!!)   Maybe play a sport - let me clarify, a sport that does not require the use of a bat or large stick.  Better yet - you could just get a fake girlfriend like Manti T’eo!  Can't be HARAM (forbidden) if she don’t exist right?!?!  

Friday, January 18, 2013

Indian Girl unleashes her wrath on a douchebag!

There are a lot of pissed off Indian girls since the Delhi rape case...watch this video as the guy teases a girl on the street and she unleashes her wrath on him. It's hysterical...best part another man joins in to beat the crap out of him too! EPIC!

We Cancel Holidays like Delta Cancels Flights!

                                                   By Romulus Marshall

So we’ve been keeping an eye on the push in Kyrgyzstan to cancel and ban Christmas and New Year’s celebrations in the country and of course, we have an update.  Looks like neighboring Tajikstan is also looking to put the kibosh on New Year’s.  Usual favorites “Father Frost and his sidekick Snow Maiden” may no longer be involved in the festivities if the new age lawmakers have their way.

OK so back to Kyrgyzstan -  it looks like the lawmaker responsible for heading this movement, Bakir Uulu, also would like to add a couple more “Un-Islamic” calendar dates to the ban list. They include Women's Day and International Workers' Day, marked on March 8 and May 1, respectively.”  This keeps getting better - I mean Women’s Day is a given, I’m surprised that wasn’t the first one up to get axed, but International Worker’s Day too??  What’s next, Take Your Daughter to Jihad day will be canned???  Interestingly enough, they want to keep Movember on the calendar, apparently celebrating facial hair is acceptable - go figure...

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Sex!!!!! Can Pakistani Mullah Digest This?

By Mr. Freedom

Sex!!!!! Can Pakistani Mullah Digest This?

Straight from Karachi...

The term “sex” and “education” are a rarity in Pakistan: Sex Ed. is not taught in schools. Here, young people mainly learn about sex from whispered conversations at a gathering or by someone's experience. Many young adults say their parents were reluctant to give them the facts about reproduction because after all babies come from heaven NOT a uterus. Traditional and Islamic values prevent these young adults from basic sex education. Besides its awkward having sex talk with your son or daughter because they'll figure out why mom was screaming in the shower this morning.

Until now no comprehensive sex education has been given in schools or medical colleges. According to the sources: Dow University of Health and Sciences based in Karachi announced that it will integrate reproductive health education into its curriculum in the next year. I think most young folks just wanna know exactly what goes where and how much fun it is getting there.  Ever since they banned porn in Pakistan...this is the only alternative. If sex is healthy, marriage is healthy than the relationship would be healthy because sex makes everything better...no for reals! Due to this sex education, young adults are expected to make good and safe decisions about health and family planning...and by that I mean put a condom on please. Not only do you get more bang for your buck this way (pun absolutely intended) but also prevent overpopulation, cause economic growth, be able to provide more education and have less desire to watch porn to escape the harsh realities of life.